Daily Archives: November 1, 2016

Videos.in Domain Name in Fake Auction

We have just understood Videos.in domain name has been put into auction at namepros forum by a fake owner who created a fake account today and the original owner of the domain name is totally unaware and surprised to hear that. It has been reported to Namepros authorities and they have removed the thread promptly. Although its a fake auction …

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November 2016 – LLL.in and 3L.co.in Drop List

6 LLL.in (3L.in) and 116 LLL.co.in (3L.co.in) names are dropping in the month of November 2016. LLL.in and LLL.co.in each category have 17,576 possible combinations. LLL.IN names are already has proven quite strong end user demand and also domain investors demand , clearly one of the premium asset class of .IN names. LLL.co.in names market is still in early stages, …

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November 2016 – NNN.in , NNN.co.in and NNNN.in Drop List

NNN.in (3N.in) domain name means NumberNumberNumber.in domain name per example 221.in or 543.in . Only 1000 (10*10*10) such domain names are possible. NNN.in names are highly valued assets by domain investors due to the rare availability of such names and also can be useful as a short URLs. In the month of November 2016, a single NNN.in (3n.in) domain name …

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