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7 Steps to Choose Your Perfect Domain Name

Looking for a domain name for your start-up (OR) for your new online business (OR) for your professional blog?  Here are some suggestions before you choose your domain name?

Domain name is the first thing that attracts your target audience towards you. It’s your online name or brand that people can connect with you, whether be it your website, emails, and all of your digital marketing. Your domain name should be relatable that which can direct them easily to your domain.

7 Steps to Choose Your Perfect Domain Name

Sensibly choosing your domain name can save your efforts as once you choose its difficult to change it later. There is now more than 1k top-level domain, also known as TLD extensions and 302 country-code TLDs to choose from.

Here are some important elements to keep in mind before purchasing or choosing a domain name:

1. Uniqueness

Keeping your domain name unique helps your customers find you easily. You can google and find whether your chosen name is taken by someone. checking and making sure that it should not similar or close to others, that may direct your customers to other domains.

2. Keep it short and simple

Keeping it short makes it memorable to customers but making it too short can also unrecognizable. For example, star industries is your company and if you want to choose you will go for Starindustries.com instead of starind.com because it’s easier to understand.

3. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens in your domain names as people not might remember your particular spelling, for example, oneworld.com and 1world.com.

4. Check for the social media platforms

check the availability of your social media platforms as your domain name that can help you in keep memorizing to your target audiences.

5. Use names that convey a message/brand name

Check, is your domain name related to your business or has related message. your domain name should give an idea of what it is all about.

6. Choose the correct extension

There are many extensions available such as “.com,” “.org,” and “.net,” that gives consumers the instill trust and online authority. using the fancy domains such as “.ind”.news” to “.tech” to “.photography.” may not be remembered by the people. It is better to use familiar domains.

7. Be eager to purchase good domain names sells quickly

330 million registered domain names are available today, increasing by 1.1%, every year. Do not delay to purchase it as good domain names sell quickly and hard to find your suitable which suits your business.

If you follow these tips you are good to go to purchase a domain name and start your Website. All the best for your startup!

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