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Hello dear users, thanks for the wonderful support. We are happy to announce that comes with a new idea to present daily, weekly, fortnight and monthly updates of .IN and .CO.IN sales. We will post the latest and intimate news articles about .in and sales.

We came up with a new user-friendly interface, which helps users to easily navigate to the exact results. You can directly search for any target domain name, sold price of a domain and marketplace.

Latest update of .in and Sales:

So far the best sale in this month is ““, it sold out for 4000 USD, and the marketplace is

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Domain Name Sales:

wdt_ID Domain Name Price Date Venue
1 1,500 04-11-2017 Private Deal
2 5,230 11-11-2017 Sedo
3 1,500 24-11-2017 Private Deal
4 1,050 09-12-2017 Sedo
5 10,000 23-12-2017 UniRegistry
6 2,000 25-12-2017 Sedo
7 6,590 31-12-2017 Private Deal
8 2,000 31-12-2017 Sedo
9 800 29-01-2018 Private Deal
10 2,350 29-01-2018 Private Deal

Note:  Default price USD.

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