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.IN New Registrations Promo is Back on October 16th 2017?

We have come across an unverified news about an upcoming .IN new registrations promo. Few months before registry took a decision to stop the promo and since then growth has impacted to some extent for sure. Hope what we heard is true , new registrations will be going to cost around 200 Rs per unit to registars , so the expected new registrations price will be around 250 INR (including GST). Unlike earlier times , this time the promo seems to be a limited period promo (45 days), perhaps a Diwali Promo 🙂 .

Kindly note the renewal / transfer prices will remain as they are today. There is a strong need for .IN registry offering a once or twice in a year renewal promo too to increase the retention rate of the registrations , possibly on the occasion of Independence day and Republic Day 🙂 . A growing extension should demonstrate the strong retention rate too, thats possible by offering a renewal promo to some extent.

Promo dates: October 16th to 30th Nov.

Disclaimer: Kindly note there is no mention of “Diwali” promo in the news we heard, its the word coined by “OUR.in”.

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