Payment Methods

Just sharing few payment options for reference:

1) – Banks charge a lot for overseas transfers. Transferwise charge much lower than banks. Transfer money abroad easily and quickly with Transferwise low cost money transfers.

You can get first transfer upto 600 USD or 500 GBP completely charge free, follow the link –

2) – Earn $25 when you join Payoneer.
Payoneer’s provides Internet Payment Service Providers (IPSPs) and ecommerce sellers with all the tools required to pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally. With fast, flexible and low cost payment solutions that transcend geographical boundaries, IPSPs including Bluesnap, 2Checkout and Avangate are able to transfer funds to ecommerce sites easily and quickly. Likewise, online sellers throughout the world who would typically encounter difficulties when attempting to receive their payments without U.S. or European bank accounts are fully equipped with everything they need to remove the headache of getting paid, allowing them to focus on maximizing their online sales.”

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