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Registrar Name Domain Registration Cost Domain Transfer Cost Domain Renewal Cost Grace Period Of a domain
Uniregistry 8.88USD 6.85USD 6.85USD  
Domainera(Reseller) 8.33USD 8.66USD 8.49USD 30
Dynadot 3.99USD 6.99USD 6.99USD  
Godaddy 6.91USD 7.78USD 9.27USD 30
Crazy Domains 6.99USD 6.96USD 6.79USD 30
Namecatch(Reseller) 6.94USD 8.67USD 8.35USD 30
Bruwink 6.94USD 6.94USD 6.94USD 15
Mitsu 3.87USD 6.27USD 6.42USD 30
Netlynx 3.25USD 7.19USD 6.25USD 45
Suryanandan 10USD 10USD 9USD 15
Reappoint(Reseller) 6.96USD 8.21USD 6.96USD  
Reseller Club 9.34USD 7.67USD 12.69USD 30
BigRock 6.96USD 7.75USD 6.96USD 10.59USD 10.59USD 10.59USD  
Net 4 India 6USD 6USD 6USD 19.57USD 19..57USD 19.57USD 7.81USD 7.81USD 7.81USD  

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