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1) .IN Registry Website: Registry.in
2) .IN Registry Twitter Account
3) .IN Forum for discussions – Inforum.in , also our.in strongly recommend to use the Namepros.com
4) .IN Sales reporting Websites: DomainMarket.in and The.in
5) A dedicated .IN blog by Ace
6) Keyword.in availability lists – Paul.in
7) INDRP Disputes – INDRP.com

India’s Professional Bodies of Domain Name Registrants
1) DNOAi™ is the first (in India) privately held association of domain name owners

India’s Domain Name Industry Conferences:
1) DomainX – India’s First Domain Name Industry Conference, Started in 2014
2) Namescon India  – Started in 2017
3) IndianDomainSummit.com –  Started in 2018