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Flipkart Launches 2GUD,Is it the Right Domain Name Stratagey?

2GUD is the domain name chosen by Flipkart in place of eBay.in.Within no time of its launch, this new website got several thousand hits. Flipkart has announced earlier that eBay.in no longer exists after August 14th,2018. Domain experts, business officials, and Flipkart customers waited for the new website launch. Finally, the website launched today.  eBay.in : Change is not just good, it’s …

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Flipkart’s New Refurbish Market? Ebay.in no longer Exist?

The big fish eats the small fish-general statement. The Good time eats the Bad time- latest statement. Based on our learnings at eBay.in, we have built a brand new value platform launching with refurbished goods – a large market which is predominantly unorganised.As part of this launch, we will be stopping all customer transactions on eBay.in on 14th August, 2018 …

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