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Should Domain Names Anchor Your Investment Portfolio?

For many investors, traditional options like stocks and bonds feel stagnant. But amidst the financial landscape, a hidden gem gleams: domain names. These concise strings represent prime digital real estate, not in some dusty corner, but on the bustling avenues of the internet. Owning the right one has the potential for significant returns. So, why consider adding domain names to …

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Why Indians Should Consider Investing into Premium Domain Names?

Investing in premium domain names can hold exciting potential for several reasons, and this definitely applies to savvy Indian investors looking for creative avenues to grow their wealth. Here are some compelling arguments to consider: Brand Power: A premium domain name is like a prime piece of real estate for your online brand. It’s concise, memorable, and communicates your essence …

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Another LLL.in Name Sold for 2000 USD

A short and premium LLL.in name sold for 2000 USD at Sedo.com. Buyer of the domain name has contacted the owner by engaging the Sedo agent and the deal has agreed in private and later used Sedo.com escrow to complete the transaction. IBR.in has sold for 2000 USD, it’s a smart buy as the buyer is also the owner of …

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