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SEDO . in Special Auction Results

Summary: 23 of the 102 domain names are sold in special .IN Sedo Auction. Total Sales Turnover is 36741 USD. Overall Total Sales turnover is way lower than expected, however its a good start LLL.in are fairly done well, majority of the LLL.in inventory are sold , its proven one more time LLL.in domain names are investor friendly asset category Apartment.in …

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Great Domain Name Auctions at Sedo

Sedo.com great domain name auctions has two .IN domain names , Rail.in and Html.in. Both are true great domains, its a perfect opportunity for a business owner or an investor who want those quality names , important to note both of these names has a reserve price between 5000 to 9999 Euros. Rail.in has already attracted an offer of 2200 …

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