ANK.co.in domain name sale report **Verified

ANK.co.in domain name has sold for 300 USD in a private transaction and the sale has been verified by Our.in. Good to see a LLL.co.in domain name purchased by an end user. Its a good name as it can form a domain hack like B.ANK.co.in. Let me join congratulating both the buyer and seller.

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Sunday Auctions List: 06-November-2016

Announcement from .IN Auctions Group: .IN Auctions Mod group has announced the list of names to be auctioned on 6th of November. Many nice names are listed for auction, please find the list of names selected. Package of 12 4N.ins : 8940.in   9254.in  6884.in  8381.in  8386.in  8387.in  3370.in   3892.in  5572.in  5978.in  7593.in  9819.in And 2 4N.co.in :4888.co.in  8884.co.in Wanna …

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November 2016 – LLL.in and 3L.co.in Drop List

6 LLL.in (3L.in) and 116 LLL.co.in (3L.co.in) names are dropping in the month of November 2016. LLL.in and LLL.co.in each category have 17,576 possible combinations. LLL.IN names are already has proven quite strong end user demand and also domain investors demand , clearly one of the premium asset class of .IN names. LLL.co.in names market is still in early stages, …

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Sunday Auctions List: 23-October-2016

Announcement from .IN Auctions Group. ? Finalised list of names for the auction this Sunday. Some awesome names to feast your bids on! Not to be missed. Fund.co.in PGZ.in LandLine.in RetailJobs.co.in ZLZ.in BCZ.in MKQ.IN TabletPC.in ABA.co.in Final order will be posted tomorrow. Updated 00:00 AM 23-Oct-2016 Legal Disclaimer: Our.in is a .IN / Indian domain names dedicated blog. Our.in is …

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October 2016 – LLL.co.in and NNN.co.in Drop Lists

2 NNN.co.in and 76 LLL.co.in names are dropping in October 2016 and the same are listed below. DomainName End Date Category bgb.co.in 02-10-16 LLL.co.in rbk.co.in 02-10-16 LLL.co.in lgt.co.in 02-10-16 LLL.co.in thf.co.in 02-10-16 LLL.co.in qhl.co.in 02-10-16 LLL.co.in dib.co.in 03-10-16 LLL.co.in okt.co.in 03-10-16 LLL.co.in miq.co.in 04-10-16 LLL.co.in tqt.co.in 04-10-16 LLL.co.in iym.co.in 04-10-16 LLL.co.in kgv.co.in 05-10-16 LLL.co.in fyr.co.in 05-10-16 LLL.co.in 399.co.in 06-10-16 NNN.co.in …

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September 2016 – LLL.co.in and NNN.co.in Drop Lists

3 NNN.co.in and 97 LLL.co.in names are dropping in September 2016 and the same are listed below. Domain Name: Registration Year: End Date: npn.co.in 2015 02-09-16 lad.co.in 2013 02-09-16 trm.co.in 2011 02-09-16 yto.co.in 2015 02-09-16 hld.co.in 2015 03-09-16 pbi.co.in 2013 03-09-16 wkd.co.in 2014 03-09-16 vtf.co.in 2012 04-09-16 cif.co.in 2015 04-09-16 blx.co.in 2015 04-09-16 muj.co.in 2015 04-09-16 ppu.co.in 2015 05-09-16 ewa.co.in …

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