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September 2016 – and Drop Lists

3 and 97 names are dropping in September 2016 and the same are listed below. Domain Name: Registration Year: End Date: 2015 02-09-16 2013 02-09-16 2011 02-09-16 2015 02-09-16 2015 03-09-16 2013 03-09-16 2014 03-09-16 2012 04-09-16 2015 04-09-16 2015 04-09-16 2015 04-09-16 2015 05-09-16 …

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September 2016 – drop List

Domain Registered Year Release for Registration on: 2006 01-09-16 2011 05-09-16 2009 05-09-16 2014 06-09-16 2009 08-09-16 2009 08-09-16 2012 09-09-16 2014 14-09-16 2010 16-09-16 2014 22-09-16 2014 22-09-16 2014 22-09-16 2014 22-09-16 2014 28-09-16

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Investing in Indian domains – tips for beginners

India with its 8% GDP growth is currently the fastest economic locomotive in the world. It will be the most populated country in just a few years dropping China to the second position. The Indian Government has introduced massive reforms to change the country into an economic superpower and improve quality of life of its citizens. It is projected that …

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DomainX 2016 – .in Short Domains Investment Opportunities Presentation

.in Investment opportunities are presented by along with Paul Singh 🙂 , its indeed an honor to present at DomainX specially sharing the stage with .IN unofficial ambassador Paul Singh . Our sincere thanks to DomainX’s crew and the whole DNOAi community. Thank you to entire team who is behind the screens in sharing their insights, special thanks …

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Developed Anaytics – Most Popular Letter

Mike has yesterday published the list of developed LLL.ins  and it has triggered a curiosity to understand which alphabet is popular among those developed names. There are two methods i have analysed , 1) Number of developed names starting with a specific letter 2) Number of developed names contains a specific letter Number of developed names starting with …

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Percentage of developed, second and final round

A few weeks ago, I published an article on this blog ( in order to evaluate the number of developed domains, using a statistical method. The result I obtained was 6% exactly. But in order to validate my statistical approach, T.P. VinodKumar and his company DotWin Limited, proposed to analyse manually all non-parked domains, in order to find those …

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In this post, you will find the repartition of all domains by registrant country. Without surprise, first two countries are USA (25%) and just below, India (24%). More surprising is that an investor from Ecuador owns 1.2% of the market. China owns 10.2% of the market, which means that the CHIPS game will be hard to start (CHIPS …

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What percentage of domains are developed websites?

1 – Answer The answer is simply around 6% or 1055 domains the 23rd April 2016. 2 – Introduction The simple question used as a title for this article raises an interesting problem, that mixes experimental analysis, statistics and computer science. We will try to detail how to obtain the percentage of developed websites for the specific case of …

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