Alexa Top 10 Indian Websites –> A quick analysis

Its often discussed the importance of .IN in India.  Many has asked me the question .. which one is India’s default domain extension.  My confident answer to them is  .IN ,  Its indeed  one and only the default domain extension of India.  Its quite obvious to have the top 10 websites having many .COM names, this is not quite surprising many countries where CCTLDs is the number one has the similar trends including  UK and China too.     What is important to notice those global businesses which has offering their services are re-directing the .IN to .COM websites. An important point one to remember is .IN is open for registration only starting Feb-2005

I was just curious,  what are the top 10 Alexa  Indian Websites and bit of analysis to understand the .IN importance.   All top 10 websites has registered .IN and at least .IN is forwarded to .COM

Website .IN Registered ?  .IN in use? Analysis Yes .IN is forwarded to has been registered on 3-Jun-2003 14:02:33 UTC , at that time .IN registrations are not open for public and companies , hence google has launched with Google has been established as in India and hence the .IN URL is re-directed to .CO.IN Yes .IN is forwarded to is obvious top 20 website across several countries Yes .IN and are forwarded to .COM and  both registered on 21-Mar-2006 Yes .IN is forwarded to .COM
.CO.IN is owned by a private Individual and not in use registered on 12-Jul-2016 registered on 11-Sep-2005 by Mike Khan from Hyderabad
Greater chances for us seeing the next INDRP by Facebook as Facebook has formed in Feb 2004 ( also trade marked ) much before the actual domain registered , Its so surprising Facebook has not focused to acquire this name so far who are in general very aggressive in protecting their trade marks Yes .IN and are forwarded to .COM is registered on 09-Mar-2006 is registered on 30-Jun-2003 Yes forwarded to .IN Amazon also acquired a domain name for URL shortner paying a premium price in a private transaction Yes .IN forwarded to .COM is owned by private Individual and not in use is registered on 07-Apr-2013 and owned by Wikipedia registered on 07-May-2012 by a Bangalore based person
Another example of is not owned by a popular web brand,  very likely a higher chances of a new INDRP case. Yes .IN forwarded to .COM  not in use is registered on 25-Sep-2007 and owned by Flipkart is registered on 11-Jan-2011 and owned by Flipkart


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