Alexa Top 100 Websites Analysis

1034 New GTLDs (NGTLDs) are added to the internet .  I can see lot of paid posts across blogs of domainers and also many promos on NGTLDs every where.  A friend of mine recently asked me .XYZ registry is giving a promo of 1 cent for new names registration , Is it worth registering some? He also went ahead  to register some and told me why cant you try putting 10 USD for fun , you can get 1000 names to play around.. Another guy told many senior .com investors are registering loads of  .XYZ names , one of the Investor has registered 40K names.

My Polite response to the same friend is I dont have the time for .CRAP .  Almost all NGTLDs are as good as .CRAP  , very few will really survive in longterm.   They worth for nothing ,  clearly the registries managing those NGTLDs are the only one profiting apart from ICANN adding additional funds to their reserves from this program.  I cant see the future of NGTLDs survival in long term, perhaps very few NGTLDs can survive out of the total 1034 new GTLDs added internet , also 287 new applications are In progress as of today.   Please do not waste your money and efforts focusing on new GTLDs. Specially Indian businesses , never consider to use those crap names for your businesses. Many of these registries will collapse , also clearly .IN is opt for your business and if you have global ambitions look for .COM or .Net or .ORG ..etc GTLDs in addition to owning a .IN name.

On a different note I have also analysed the top 100 Alexa websites.   CCTLDs has a bright future, 38 CCTLDs has a place out of 100 and 62 has taken by established GTLDs like .COM / .Net / .Org .




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