I have a background in physics, and now work as a software engineer. I'm studying the Indian domaining scene since 6 years.

Availability list for .co.in, top 10.000 English words

For those that want to invest into .co.in, here is the list of available domains from the top 10.000 most used English words. I took this list from: https://github.com/first20hours/google-10000-english, and I did the scan this morning. The funny thing is: during the scan, you guys, our.in readers, are registering these domains. I need to do a double scan to be …

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Percentage of developed LLL.in, second and final round

A few weeks ago, I published an article on this blog (http://our.in/what-percentage-of-lll-in-domains-are-developed-websites/) in order to evaluate the number of developed LLL.in domains, using a statistical method. The result I obtained was 6% exactly. But in order to validate my statistical approach, T.P. VinodKumar and his company DotWin Limited, proposed to analyse manually all non-parked domains, in order to find those …

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LLL.in distribution by country

In this post, you will find the repartition of all LLL.in domains by registrant country. Without surprise, first two countries are USA (25%) and just below, India (24%). More surprising is that an investor from Ecuador owns 1.2% of the LLL.in market. China owns 10.2% of the market, which means that the CHIPS game will be hard to start (CHIPS …

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What percentage of LLL.in domains are developed websites?

1 – Answer The answer is simply around 6% or 1055 domains the 23rd April 2016. 2 – Introduction The simple question used as a title for this article raises an interesting problem, that mixes experimental analysis, statistics and computer science. We will try to detail how to obtain the percentage of developed websites for the specific case of LLL.in …

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