Percentage of developed, second and final round

A few weeks ago, I published an article on this blog ( in order to evaluate the number of developed domains, using a statistical method. The result I obtained was 6% exactly.

But in order to validate my statistical approach, T.P. VinodKumar and his company DotWin Limited, proposed to analyse manually all non-parked domains, in order to find those that were really developed.

So, I provided them the list of the 8,460 non-parked domains, and they look at them one by one.

Their final list containing all developed domains is available here: LLLin-developed. The number of domains they identified as developed is 1.129 over 17.576. This corresponds to 6.4%. This number is very close to the 6% I computed in the initial article using my statistical method.

The list DotWin Limited provided is really exciting because:

1. It’s an experimental validation on my initial article
2. We have now the full list of developed, and we can analyse the type of that are in use by end-users.

Thanks again to T.P. VinodKumar for his valuable work!


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