Availability Dashboard Update – 18th June 2016

I have received several emails and also several messages requesting to share the status of the availability of various .IN names .   It’s  an interesting question , there are too many categories to focus. As of now I have focused on few short length domain names which are considered valuable from the domain industry experts point of view.

Category: Availability Status: Download Link:
LLL.in Sold Out
NNN.in Sold Out
4L.in Chips Available Download.
CVCV.in Sold Out
VCVC.in Available Download.
AABB.in / AAAB.in / BAAA.in Sold Out
4L.in Non-chips (rest all) Available Download
4N.in Sold Out
5n.in Chips Sold Out
LLL.co.in Sold Out
NNN.co.in Sold Out
4L.co.in Available
4N.co.in CHIPS Sold Out

Available lists (download links) shown above are courtesy of domainmarket.in , I would like to pass  my sincere thanks to domainmarket.in team for providing such a great set of information.

This is the only the first step towards bringing the transparency on the availability dashboard of few important categories of .IN names ,  we sincerely believe these small steps will help the readers of our.in  to find a suitable name for their business needs.

Please leave the comments if you are looking for any specific categories of .IN  names availability status, although we cant promise to deliver to provide such lists we do sincerely consider the same feedback into our future endeavors.


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