Missing Domain Name in Indian Advertisements

Here are the best Indian advertisements that are missing something really important. Take a closer look at these advertisements (Ads) you will find the companies are not mentioning about the domain name.

Best Indian advertisements

They are just using the companies names and publishing the advertisements without the domain name. People may not be aware of which domain name the particular company is having which domain name.

Hence the results shared can be considered as half. For example: If you take a brand swiggy, in advertisements it is just showing the brand name, nowhere the domain name is mentioned.

Here are the Best Advertisements in India:

Swiggy IPL Ads:

Here in this particular ad from Swiggy, the company has focused on USP of Swiggy in the very entertained way with a background sound of cricket commentary. It did mention about the brand ‘Swiggy’ but didn’t mention about the domain name, which domain name the company uses.

MMT Ads:

In this add MMT Ads( Make my Trip Ad) the ad is all about the travel e-commerce. It did explain nicely about its cancellations of booking that you can easily cancel bookings at MMT but they did not guide the domain name.


PolicyBazaar Ads:

Here is another Ad which intelligently gives the information about the brand name with its domain name, so that the customer can be directly reached to the address.

PolicyBazaar Ads is about the life insurance policy where the Ad explained easily about the policy which is cheap and easy to buy. In this Ad, the viewer is guided with the complete information one can just click on the Policybazaar.com and can immediately reach to the desired website.

Source: Economic Times

There are no domain names mention in many Ads, this is because of the lack of knowledge in Ads makers and also the companies neglect about the domain names in India.




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