Chips” is an acronym of “Chinese Premium domain names.” It defines a domain name that can be measured superior to a Chinese company or investor. Chips characteristically describe treasured domain names that are short and contain only quality letters (Chinese context), known as initials, which exclude the letters a, e, i, o, u or v.

Although the term was initially used in relation to four-letter .COM domain names, it can be used to describe numeric domains without a 0 or 4 and now become an industry standard. Several extensions are adopted the same industry.

In terms of .IN names, CHIPS 4L.in names are a total of 160,000 names and all of these domain names are registered in the month of March 2016 for first time. CHIPS 5N.in buyout has completed too and also many 6N.in pattern CHIPS are registered too.

What is meant by 4L.in?
4L.in is an acronym to refer “LetterLetterLetterLetter.IN” per example DGHT.in (D is a letter, G is a letter, H is a letter and T is a letter)

What is meant by 5N.in?
Its “NumberNumberNumberNumberNumber.in” , example: 56789.in or 33556.in …etc
Although 100,000 5N.in names are possible, however only 32,768 are considered as CHIPS


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