CloudFest India – Free Coupon – 48 Hours Limited Offer

FREE Access to CloudFest India: Two-Day Special Offer from!

CloudFest India is set to take place on May 23 in Mumbai India, and we are extremely passionate about you being there. As a media partner of CloudFest India we are offering  FREE admission for committed professionals who are interested in gaining access to the most important regional event you will attend all year.

With more than 51 million small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country and 68% of those currently operating without any online presence, the potential in this untapped market is enormous! Let CloudFest India be your gateway.

Remember, this incredible opportunity is only for TWO DAYS so don’t waste time –  take advantage NOW!

We look forward to seeing you in Mumbai!

Free Entrance to Cloudfest – NamesCon India  –  Register Now


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