DaaZ.com – #1 Trusted Domain Marketplace

About DaaZ.com:

DaaZ.com is a premium domain name Aftermarket / Marketplace owned by DaaZ Limited based in London, UK.

DaaZ.com’s key objective is to help the buyers and sellers transact with each other in a trusted way.

DaaZ.com has made the domain name acquisition process frictionless and stress-free for start-up founders and brand owners.  It is also the #1 rated domain name marketplace according to Trustpilot.com customer reviews.


Why DaaZ.com is the #1 rated Trusted domain marketplace?

  • Listing domain names at DaaZ.com is easy and free.
    • Unlimited free auction listings:
      • Domain sellers can use this option to liquidate their inventory and can use this option to generate regular/constant cashflow.
    • Buy Now listings:
      • This option can be used to sell the names at the fixed prices!!, this option help domain sellers and domain buyers not to waste their time in the negotiation process.
    • Make Offer listings:
      • This option can be used to invite offers from prospective buyers.
    • Make offer / Buy Now listings:
      • It is a mixed listing type of Buy Now and Makes Offer listings
    • Brokerage Services:
      • com is offering brokerage at a small fee of 49 USD per name.
  • Flexible:
    • No exclusive listings, so sellers can market their names using other marketplaces or avenues too it allows them.
    • The success fee is collected only if the name sells.
    • Supports listing prices from 20 USD / EUR /GBP onwards
    • Support for Multicurrency
    • Name servers (or) A record changes are optional.
    • Support for multiple PayOut and Payment methods
      • Debit Cards
      • Credit Cards
      • Bank Transfer
      • PayPal
      • TransferWise
      • Crypto
      • PayOut amount can be added to wallet and can spend to buy names or can be withdrawn when needed.
  • Industry low fees:
    • Unlimited free auction submissions
    • 7% Success fee for DaaZ generated sales
    • 5% for DaaZ Secure (Escrow) deals
  • Multiple Landing page templates/themes:
    • Traffic patterns on landing pages are captured and analyzed, re-targeted to increase the sell-through rate.
    • Near 24/7 – Live chat assistance to each landing page visitor
    • Free SSL page
    • Multiple themes/templates:
      • Elegant Lite g: Dhej.com
      • Elegant e.g: JIS.io
      • Default e.g: CognitiveAutomation.xyz
      • Flyover e.g  ElectricVans.co
      • Aeroplane e.g: Godavari.com
      • Ballons e.g: Soy.in
      • Shopping e.g: eScooterStore.uk
  • Bulk Tools:
    • Adding several thousands of names at a time is possible from UI or Excel upload
    • Editing any number of domain names via Excel and reconcile to DaaZ is a good feature.
    • Editing 500 names at a time via UI is possible.
  • Great Customer Support:
    • Near 24/7 Support Live chat support
    • Tickets can be raised to track the progress of the resolution.
  • Highly Trusted:
    • #1 trusted DomainName marketplace according to Trustpilot trust score – 4.9 out of 5
    • Faster and smoother handover of the domain names to the buyers

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