DaaZ.com API will be available for use by 22-Jan-2023

DaaZ has planned to release it’s API V1 by 22nd January . If you are considering to try DaaZ APIs , register your interest by creating a ticket at DaaZ.com

DaaZ.com support agents can help you in giving access to the APIs.

DaaZ API is designed for domain sellers and DaaZ partners (brokers).

This API can be used by auction houses or small marketplaces to offload the burden of completing the transctions securely by DaaZ while they focus on their core business.

This API also helps large portfolio sellers automate the domain portfolio management.

The API offers two main functionalities:

1. Domain Portfolio (Seller):

  • Sellers can add new names
  • Sellers can modify the price, category, theme, minimum price, currency, lease status, maximum lease months, domain listing status (active / inactive) & description of a domain name
  • Delete the domain

2. DaaZ Secure Transactions (Seller & Broker):

  • Create the DaaZ secure transaction also known as import lead
  • Amend the DaaZ secure transaction
  • Cancel the DaaZ secure transaction

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