Digital India – Iam .IN – Are You??

I AM .IN , are You? – An awesome promotional video released by .IN Registry. It’s great beginning of new era of .IN promotion and hope the momentum will continue further. We are hoping the .IN domain name registry will be making regional language versions and advertising the same in regional and as well as national television channels.
.IN Certainly deserve more attention and much more respect. It’s an awesome extension with great branding potential. .IN is short and sweet to be used by businesses. Long way to go to be one of the top 5 most used extensions of the world 🙂

Potentials of .IN domain extension are
1) Short and sweet
2) It’s only one of the two ccTLDS which can command over 1 billion internet visits per day
3) It’s a dictionary word itself
4) Highly search engine friendly extension specially for the traffic originating from India. Often .IN websites are appearing out of India google searches too , proving .IN can be used outside of India too. Many foreign companies located outside of India are using .IN
5) It is a ccTLD of the world’s second most populous country (likely to be the most populous country on earth by 2022 as per United Nations ) , World’s third largest economy by Purchasing power parity as per world bank ratings of February 2017.
6) It is a ccTLD of the world fastest growing economy.

Ignoring .IN as good as like Ignoring India. If you are not .IN so far , plan to upgrade to be .IN.

I could have been personally thrilled if the domain name like GO.IN has been used as a promotional website too.


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