Is Domain Age is important in SEO?

Have you ever thought, Is domain age is important in SEO? Or it is simply a myth in SEO and domain world?

Is Domain Age is important in SEO?

What is Domain Age?

Domain age refers to the duration that a website has been registered and active. It is the trust of a particular website visitors have and also to the search engines.

It can be well explained in two terms, first the time and the second is the age. This means the length of time particular domain registered and the how long it has been active or crawled content on the web.

Domain Age is important in SEO?

The domain age is important for SEO because the age of a website is a search engine ranking factor. As the website is there for a longer time it creates trust in the eyes of the search engine provided you give some nice quality content and relevant inbound links.

The domain age is one of the many ranking factors. So the new domains need not worry for their crawling part as your domain is new it may take more time but you can always focus on the quality content and relevant inbound links.

Domain age only helps to gain value and trust to your website, it may be taken as one of the ranking factors from all the other 100 factors.

 As per the tweet, tweeted by the Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google

John Muller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, tweeted

“No, that’s not true.”

“No, domain age helps nothing”

If the domain is registered in 1995 that doesn’t mean its a premium aged domain name. You cant say domain name gets better with the age.But as per a few assumptions, the domain age is not necessary and doesn’t increase any value and also doesn’t help with the SEO.

Business startups who are thinking that domain age is worth and adds value to your domain then it is wrong,  You can choose any domain without worrying about the age of the domain but it should be Exact Match Domain for your business.




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