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Is Domain Age is important in SEO?

Have you ever thought, Is domain age is important in SEO? Or it is simply a myth in SEO and domain world? Is Domain Age is important in SEO? What is Domain Age? Domain age refers to the duration that a website has been registered and active. It is the trust of a particular website visitors have and also to …

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Know about the exact match domain (EMD)

The exact brand name or exact match domain name (EMD) is a domain that matches exactly with the keyword you wish to rank for. Know about the exact match domain name (EMD) An exact match domain (EMD) is a website domain that includes keywords that you target right which can be searched in the search results by anyone. For example, …

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The one-day domain conference and hosting event, HDCON 2019, concluded with excellent positive feedback from the audience. HDCON 2019 fills the audience minds with domains and internet knowledge, hearts with confidence, faces with a smile, and bellies with delicious food. HDCON 2019 Radisson Hyderabad venue welcomed the audience with a cool breeze, and there exists a warm knowledge inside, where you …

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