What is a Domain Hack? Top25 Popular Domain Hacks

Domain Hacks Explained:

A domain hack is a creative way to use the structure of a domain name to create a memorable phrase or word. This often involves combining the second-level domain (SLD) and the top-level domain (TLD) to form the desired word or phrase.

For example:

  • bir.ds (birds)
  • examp.le (example)
  • mail.to (mailto)
  • wh.at (what)

100 Examples of Domain Hacks in Use:

Brand Names:

  • bit.ly (URL shortener)
  • del.icio.us (bookmarking service)
  • flickr.com (photo sharing)
  • soundcloud.com (audio sharing)
  • tinyurl.com (URL shortener)
  • verizon.net (telecom company)


  • about.me (personal website)
  • ask.fm (question-and-answer platform)
  • buy.com (online retailer)
  • code.org (programming education)
  • cutt.ly (URL shortener)
  • feedly.com (RSS reader)
  • geta.taxi (taxi booking service)
  • goo.gl (URL shortener – defunct)
  • mailchimp.com (email marketing)
  • pay.pal (online payments)
  • pic.to (image hosting)
  • pix.lr (photo editor)
  • short.url (URL shortener)
  • tiny.cc (URL shortener)

Humor & Playful Names:

  • doge.tv (internet TV)
  • facep.al (social network – defunct)
  • imgur.com (image hosting)
  • lol.cat (internet humor)

Educational & Informative:

  • gov.uk (UK government website)
  • mathsisfun.com (educational website)
  • web.dev (web development resources)
  • who.is (domain ownership lookup)


  • co.uk (United Kingdom)
  • nl (Netherlands)
  • io (Indian Ocean)
  • tv (Tuvalu)

Note: This is not an exhaustive list, and new domain hacks are created all the time. Remember, not all domain hacks are successful, and the effectiveness depends on the creativity and memorability of the chosen word or phrase.

Additional Considerations:

  • Domain hack availability depends on TLD availability and potential trademark conflicts.
  • Some TLDs may not be suitable for all types of businesses or projects.
  • Consider the long-term branding implications of a domain hack before choosing one.

I hope this helps!


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