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Domain name investment is certainly offers exciting career opportunities for those looking forward to make a full time career and also those who can pursue it as a part time business opportunity.   One kindly need to focus on only generic domain names , not to register any trade mark names with the intention of selling to trade mark owner, that’s considered as a bad faith and completely against the law.  Several articles are covered under INDRP category, please read the same details if you want to learn more about avoiding Trademarks.

On a different note, It is important to understand the sales data closely if one start investing into domain names. is going to bring the review of the .IN domain names sales , only for those names where we can collect the detailed information of both purchase and sale statistics. We have started this one with the domain name

If you sold a domain name and want to publish on ,  please contact support[at]

Domain Name: Notes:
Purchased On: 10-Dec-15 It’s the day payment has been debited from the bank account of the buyer
Sold On: 29-Jun-16 It’s the day payment has been credited into the bank account of the seller
Sold At:
Purchase Price: 500 USD
Sale Price: 3000 USD
Sedo Commission: 450 USD
Profit: 2050 USD
Number of Days: 201 From the time purchased to the time its sold and amount credited into the bank account
ROI Percentage: 890  Per Year


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