End of Month Stats – January 2017 Report: .IN Domain Names Registration Numbers

A monthly net increase of 15,811 .IN domain names recorded for the month of January 2017 compare to December 2016. January 2017 is indeed a positive month. It will be interesting times for .IN domain name extension in terms of registration count volumes , very likely around 170K to 200K .IN domain names will be dropped between April and May months, so likely the expected registration numbers will be around 2.1+ Million by May 2017. After that .IN domain name extension will be headed for the steady growth for the rest of the year.

Date Registration Numbers Net Increase Compare to Previous Reported Month
01-May-16 2,089,561 NA
01-Jun-16 2,103,320 13,759
01-Jul-16 2,114,209 10,889
01-Aug-16 2,138,864 24,655
01-Sep-16 2,156,428 17,564
01-Oct-16 2,178,238 21,810
01-Nov-16 2,194,493 16,255
01-Dec-16 2,196,258 1,765
01-Jan-17 2,205,720 9,462
01-Feb-17 2,221,531 15,811
Estimated .IN registrations by Mar-2017 2,237,342



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