Calibra Digital Wallet effect on Domaining Industry

Facebook has made an announcement that it is to jump into the world of cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is known as ‘Libra’ and is set to launch next year with a digital wallet called Calibra.

Calibra Digital Wallet effect on Domaining Industry

The Libra will be governed by the Libra Association, an organization consists of several different companies including Facebook and Calibra, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Whereas the Calibra will be a subsidy of Facebook.

Libra can be said as the global, digitally native, reserve-backed cryptocurrency which is built on the bases of blockchain technology.

The libra association says that “fully backed by a reserve of real assets,” but they haven’t given any kind of information on what assets are. It aims to strengthen the trust in Libra’s value and also keeping that value stable by tying it to nondescript assets and currencies.


 Is domain name belongs to Facebook?

Libra operates from, a domain which was registered in 1997. Most of the cryptos depend on on.ORG domains for their coin so my guess is owned by Facebook. Using the Libra platform, Facebook is rolling out Calibra which is the primary wallet manager. In October 2018 during the GoDaddy auctions, the domain name “” sold for $7,550 dollars.

It’s great news for the domain investors who are into domaining. Their eyes only on Calibra domain names only. We gathered a few domain names which were already registered. Check the list below.

Domain Name Registered On 16-Sep-97 27-Sep-06 25-Jun-02 18-Jun-19 18-Jun-19 18-Jun-19 2-Jan-19 18-Jun-19 18-Jun-19 18-Jun-19 15-Jun-19 15-Jun-19


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