Facts About 4N.in (NNNN.in) Domain Names

  • First 4N.in domain name registered on 14-February-2005 and the domain name is 1947.in , at present owned by JustDial.com .  India got the independence in 1947 from British crown , indeed a great name due to historical importance 🙂
  • 563 different email address holders are owning the 10000 4n.in domain names , on avg around 18 domain names per email address

  • 10 4n.in oldest domain registrations are
    Domain Name: Registration Date:
    1947.in 14-02-05
    0000.in 16-02-05
    1100.in 16-02-05
    1234.in 16-02-05
    2020.in 16-02-05
    6767.in 16-02-05
    7333.in 16-02-05
    3000.in 21-02-05
    0791.in 27-02-05
    1337.in 04-04-05
  • 25 oldest 4N.in names are analysed and we noticed 12 names are in use  1947.in , 1100.in, 1234.in,6767.in,1337.in,6060.in,0120.in,1978.in,0889.in,6666.in,1800.in,0930.in
  • Top 10 4n.in registars by number of domains they are holding
    EIMS (Shenzhen) Culture & Technology Co., ltd (R178-AFIN) 4211
    Endurance Domains Technology Pvt. Ltd. (R173-AFIN) 1685
    Realtime Register B.V. (R88-AFIN) 1122
    Netlynx Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (R62-AFIN) 1063
    Web Commerce Communications Limited dba WebNic.cc (R105-AFIN) 619
    GoDaddy.com, LLC (R101-AFIN) 357
    Dynadot LLC (R117-AFIN) 248
    Business Solutions (R54-AFIN) 120
    Suryanandan.net (R152-AFIN) 107
    Wild West Domains, LLC (R102-AFIN) 83

P.s:Article is based on the who.is data produced on 17th November 2016.


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