Free .Bharat IDN Program has started on August 1, 2016

NIXI is start offering a FREE .Bharat IDN in Devanagari (supporting Bodo(Boro), Dogri, Hindi, Konkani, Maithili, Marathi, Nepali, and Sindhi-Devanagari) Bengali, Gujarati, Manipuri, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu scripts to registrants including current or new .IN registrants. The program offers a FREE first year to the registrar and is designed to help .Bharat IDNs gain widespread use and acceptance in the India market. Renewals will be at the regular price.

Registrars has to opt into this program to offer to the end users. To find the list of .Bharat IDN accredited registrars refer the list – .Bharat Registars List


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