Funding for .IN Startups – August 2016

Below are the technology startups received the seed funding in August 2016 and the amount of funds received are published clearly. (Gadget Repair Services Platform) – 275K USD (Retail Food & Snack Offline centres) – 1 Million USD (Food Delivery Platform) –  500K USD (Indoor Skydiving Sports Provider) – 40K USD (on-demand, hyper-local Cleaning services provider) – 550K USD (Fruit & Vegetable Delivery platform) – 104K USD

Below are the technology start-ups has received the seed funding in the Month of August 2016, however the amount of funding received is undisclosed (Dental Protection Solution) (Healthcare related IoT platform) (Women Intimate Wear eTailer) (Cyber-Security Solutions Provider) (Cashback Mobile app) (Mobile Apps & Tech Services provider) (Hyperlocal daily needs Products delivery platform)

Below are the technology companies received the private equity funding in the month of August 2016 (Online Job and Career Platform for Women) – 1.8 Million USD (Mobile Messaging App) – 175 Millions USD (Online Jewellery Store) – 500K USD (Aadhar based Document Signing platform) – 375K USD (Free Interactive education platform) – 1 Million USD (Lending platform for Salaried professionals) – 3 Million USD (Edutainment platform) – 900K USD (Health and Fitness Centres) – 3 Million USD (hyperlocal Logistics services provider) – 7 Million USD (Agriculture Technology Solutions) – 2 Million USD (Personal Genomics) – Undiclosed domain name has been purchased for 32,000 USD in the year 2012 at Sedo Platform. Many has commented , its an expensive domain purchase. With in 4 years has been emerged as an organisation worth over 1 Billion USD.  There are several reasons for the success , mainly the product / service offerings at the same time branding also played a major role. Imagine if they have branded their startup as or or .. it could have not achieved the same trust as . Chosing a right domain name of the business venture is quite important and plays a significant role in the startups success. I can see that some of the above mentioned startups domain names could have been much  better.. per example can be upgraded to to avoid the traffic of is getting leaked to and also to get the better branding potential.  Hope the Indian tech startups will also focus on chosing the right domain name for their new startups and the existing startups will focus on upgrading their domain names to much more user friendly names before someone else does the same.

Out of the above reported 24 domain names, 21 are .IN and the remaining 3 are names.

Disclaimer: Complete source of the funding data reported is based on the, Indian Startup Funding & Investment Chart for August 2016. This is not complete list of all Indian tech startups funding , we have only considered the tech startups using .IN domain extension and has received the funding in the month of August 2016 as criteria.


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