GoDaddy Webhosting accounts hacked

GoDaddy Webhosting accounts hacked

The world’s largest domain registrar, GoDaddy which holds 19 million customers disclosed that some of its Webhosting customers were breached last year in October.

The data breach which impacts the web hosting account credentials was done by an unauthorised individual. The hacker was able to access the user’s login details.


The company said that the issue was discovered on April 23 and it affected only to the hosting accounts and not the general customer accounts. The data from the customers main account was not accessed. The company has worldwide more than 19 million customers but only 28,000 were affected due to hacking.

GoDaddy said in a letter circulated to the affected customers that an unauthorised individual has obtained the access to the login information used to connect to SSH (Secure Shell used for safely transferring files and other processes) on their hosting accounts.

The company does not have any evidence about what the hacker did like adding files or modifying accounts. The GoDaddy is offering a free Website Security Deluxe and Express Malware Removal to the impacted customers for one year.

The GoDaddy normally charges $20/month for the security service and $25/month for the malware removal service.


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