Hologram.in Domain Name Has Been Sold – **Verified

Hologram.in domain name has been sold for 4000 GBP (5230 USD) at Sedo.com by the domain name owner. Buyer and seller has negotiated with each other before agreeing the sale price. Seller has notified Our.in, the sale has been completed.

Image Source:PixaBay

Hologram is a dictionary word meaning “a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.”
According to techtarget.com – “A hologram is a three-dimensional image, created with photographic projection. The term is taken from the Greek words holos (whole) and gramma (message). Unlike 3-D or virtual reality on a two-dimensional computer display, a hologram is a truly three-dimensional and a free-standing image that does not simulate spatial depth or require a special viewing device. Theoretically, holograms could someday be transmitted electronically to a special display device in your home and business.”

Buyer has yet to put the domain name in use, may be it’s too early as buyer got the controls of the domain name only yesterday. It is indeed a very good purchase to buy such a premium keyword.in name plus the exact match of a product name. Hologram industry size is quite big , any hologram wholesale business will be hugely benefit from it. Acquiring generic keyword domain names certainly a great strategy as it helps the established businesses to reduce the marketing costs by gaining the type in traffic and also generic keyword.in names will help enhancing the brand potential of the business itself.

Please join us congratulating both the buyer and seller. 🙂


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