.IN Accredited Registars page is changed

In registry has improved the .IN accredited registrars page , now one can identify the top performing .IN registars, this is a nice feature and helps the registrants to chose a credible .IN registar for their domain name registrations. This page also show the list of registars with Indian presence and without Indian presence. It makes easier for those who want to register with local registars can benefit from this information. Offcourse it could have been more beneficial to show by country of registar operation and a pictorial representation of world map to show the presence of .IN registars. Glad to see some improvements at least on this page , looking forward to see many more improvements in coming days on registry website per example clearly showing various data analytics related to .In registrations , specially showing how many .IN , .co.in , .net.in , .org.in domain name registrations happening by month ..etc. Bringing transparency improvements of registry and registrar operations certainly helps .IN extension strengthening further.

Refer the page .IN Registry – Accredited Registars page further details.


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