.IN Auctions Group Rules

Legal Disclaimer: This article is focusing on the .IN Auctions group rules, we are just sharing here for the quick reference to the our.in readers.  Please note Our.in has no association with either Vote4IN.com or Whatsapp groups (managed by .IN registrants community) , some of our authors may involve in their individual capacity as .IN enthusiasts however OUR.in as a legal entity has no association with these groups. OUR.in is just a blog dedicated for .IN domain extension promotion.

.IN registrants community is running these auctions with the objective of promoting .IN extension among Web Developers, Web Designers and Domain Name Investors.  It’s a volunteeer effort from the .IN registrants community hence are offering the auctions as a free service , they will not charge any money to either buyer or seller. 

1) .in auctions announcement:
Hours: Sunday 21:30 IST (16:00 UTC)
Language: English
Currency: $ (USD)
Payment methods accepted: Paypal, Escrow, DN.com
Accepted Domains Type: NNN, LLL, NNNN, tripple premium CVCV.in, keywords for extensions .in and .co.in,
Free/no fees for beta version.
2) Domains submission rules:
2.1) Submission deadline
Submissions open every monday and close on Tuesday via Vote4IN.com , exact times are as mentioned below.
MONDAY 00:00:00 (IST) to TUESDAY 23:59:59 (IST)
  • A total of up to 10 domains for each auction, please note mod team has the right to add additional names if they believe its the right thing to do
  • Up to 30% of  the names are reserve priced names ,  if you a submit a name with a reserve price the chances of name getting selected will be diminished. Better to avoid adding reserve price if you can while submititng the name
2.2) Submission details
As requested in Vote4IN.com submission form. Make sure the name has at least one month expiration time, otherwise the seller has the responsibility to bear the renewal expenses. 
2.3) Criteria
A maximum of 2 domains per participant and per auction can be submitted for validation.
From these 2 names, only 1 may be selected for auction.
Domain must be removed from all other marketplaces.
Comment can’t be modified after submission of the form.
2.4) Selection Process and Timelines:
  1. Mod Team voting to select 20 to 30 names  – every Wednesday
  2. Group Members Voting  – every Thursday to Friday
  3. Mod Team List Announcement  – every Satuday afternoon

Further details are as mentioned below

  • Mod Team voting will be conducted to filter the low quality names , also names with high reserve prices ..etc, Mod team will select the best 20 to 30 from the list of submitted names  :
    • WEDNESDAY 00:00:00 (IST) to Wednesday 23:59:59 (IST)
  • Group Members’ Voting – Group members will be requested to vote on the domain names via Vote4IN.com , voting is allowed for two days :
    • THURSDAY 00:00:00 (IST) to FRIDAY 23:59:59 (IST)
  • Mod team will review the final list of names voted and make sure the below checks are completed
    • A total of up to 10 domains for each auction, please note mod team has the right to add additional names if they believe its the right thing to do
    • Up to 30% of  the names are reserve price names , so your chances of a name getting selected will reduce if you submit with the reserve price
    • Maximum 4 names from any specific niche / category per example maximum of 4 LLL.in names in each auction to maintain diversity of the domain names selected
    • Only one name per each member, per example if a member’s 2 names are selected in group members voting, the name with the maximum number of votes will be considered for auction and the other one will be omitted
    • Names shouldn’t be listed for sale anywhere else – per example market group or forums auctions..etc , if mod team found a selected name is listed for sale (BIN) or auction else where, mod team has the rights to reject such names into auction.
  • Final list announcement
    • Every Saturday around 15:00 IST
3) Bidding rules
3.1) Time limits
Each domain is open for bidding during 2 minutes (‘open bidding period’).
A final countdown of 20 seconds starts at the end of the open bidding period of 1 minutes and 40 seconds. If someone bids during the final countdown, it restarts from 0 and so on until no bid occurs.
3.2) Legal aspects
Each bid is a binding legal agreement.
In case of illegal behaviour like (but not limited too):
Collusion between bidders,
Bids suppression,
Phantom bids,
Shill biding,
participant is definitely excluded and his identity is made public to the whole community.
Auction for the name is cancelled in this case and rescheduled for next session.
Whois evolution of all auctioned domain names will be closely monitored during 12 months after the auction.
3.3) Minimum bidding increments
$0 – $1,000 : $5
> $1,000 : $20

4) Payment and domains transfer:
4.1) Payment Method
Different payment methods from those proposed above (Paypal, Payoneer, Escrow, DN.com, NEFT , PAYTM ..etc) can be used, if both buyer and seller privately agreed. Paypal is to be accepted by default. 
4.2) Escrow fees
Sellers are responsible for paying all transaction fees, for sales price below 200, the fees outside of regular paypal fees are paid buy the buyer. For transactions above 500 USD, escrow is recommended.
4.3) Payment
  • Payment from the buyer to the seller must be performed within 48 hours after the end of the auction.
  • After this delay, buyer is considered in a non-payment state and contract between buyer and seller is considered broken. A 5% compensation fees of the domain final price must be given by the buyer to the seller, or buyer is definitely excluded and his identity is made public to the whole community.
4.4) Transfer
  • Domain Name Push/transfer should be started within 48 hours of payment completion and ideally transfer should be completed with in 5 to 7 business days as is the case with some registrars.
  • After this delay, contract between buyer and seller is considered broken. Money back must be performed, increased by a 5% compensation fees of the domain final price, or seller is definitely excluded and his identity is made public to the whole community.
Legal Disclaimer: Our.in is a .IN domain names dedicated blog. Our.in is committed to cover all the news and updates related to .IN names.. Our.in has no association with the .IN auctions group or Vote4IN.com although some of our authors play a role in auctions group in their individual capacities.


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