.IN domain extension is getting ready for Explosive Growth?

India is a country of 1.3 billion population, 450+ million internet users. India is world’s fastest growing economy, India is the country of world’s young population with almost 70% of the overall population below the age group of 35 years old. India is emerging as worlds most populous country by year 2022 as per UN.

So many positive things, India’s official .IN domain extension is not in the top 10 ccTLD’s , this is the fact too. India is progressing at very good speed on different fronts, is the same will be shown on .IN domain names growth too? Why didn’t .IN has been successful so far?

What happened so far is history , there are several reasons one can provide why the growth is slow specially it is important to note last 350+ Million internet users have been added only in last 4 years and obviously it take some time for the new internet users to be matured and start focusing on setting up their own business and websites and also .IN is relatively young extension compare to the other popular ccTLDs. There was not enough infrastructure in place few years before, things are changed a lot since last 5 years.As of today India’s internet penetration is just 30% compare to the population numbers ,there is a plenty of opportunity ahead as 70% of the overall population is yet to come online.

Our.in is making an attempt to review the strengths , improvement opportunities (weaknesses) and the future growth projections taking various parameters. Please access the PDF link: .IN Explosive Growth.

Our.in strongly believe .IN growth will be huge in coming years , key influencer of this growth story will be .IN registry. INRegistry has the power to drive the explosive growth. Now clearly all eyes on are .IN registry , greater power brings greater responsibility. We sincerely believe .IN registry will lead the explosive growth story and will bring the momentous milestone to be celebrated by all .IN fans / enthusiasts.

Please go through the PDF and provide your feedback. Your feedback is the encouragement for us to share more such content.


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