.IN Domain Names Hacks

Domain Name hack:
A domain hack is a domain name that suggests a word, phrase, or name when concatenating two or more adjacent levels of that domain.For example “Berl.in”.

Please share the list of popular .IN domain name hacks in use.

I will start with few names I am aware and in use , feel free to add additional names you know by posting as a comment.


In Domain Name Industry:

Doma.in – the best possible hack in the whole domain industry and in the .In industry dot.in is the perfect domain name hack. Both of them are in use.

Doma.in is seems to be sold for XXXXX USD and now getting used for domain name industry related reasons only.

Doma.in has been purchased for xxxxx USD

Dot.in is owned by Mitsu.in and forwarding to mitsu, its a very nice name though 🙂

In Crypto currency Industry:

Bitco.in is a perfect domain name hack for BIT COIN . Bitco.in is owned by Bitcoin forum.

There are several such coin names are possible as domain names hacks with .IN , per example Darkco.in , blackco.in , blueco.in..etc

First Name Domain Name Hacks:

Put.in , Mart.in

Put.in , its a nice domain hack called “PUTIN” , there are many Putin’s around world but the honorable russian president is well deserved to own a name like this one 🙂

Some possible domain name haccks registered but not in use are

lambsk.in, calfsk.in,mutligra.in, bookme.in , walk.in , get.in , crafted.in, skilled.in , educated.in ..etc

.IN Domain (DOT IN) extension is one of the very few domain name extension offers a strong use case for domain name hacks. Please contribute by sharing the domain name hacks you can of think of or you have noticed them getting used in day to day.


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