“India” Keyword Domain Names grabs Attention in .COM Sales

.COM sales are usually high in volume when compared to any other domain extension. We can expect .com sales on a regular basis. Recently, an interesting fact was noticed that sale rate of .COM domain names with India keyword included is relatively high when compared to other country names.

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India Keyword Domain Names grabs Attention in .COM Sales

It’s surprising to see 23 .COM domain name sales registered so far with “India” Keyword included, till February 18th in 2019.

  • 15 of these domain sales happened through Godaddy
  • 6 of these domain sales happened through NameJet
  • 3 of these domain sales happened through DropCatch

With the below data, we can make a point that INDIA keyword usually attracting the buyers to choose the domain name fast.

India Keyword Domain Names grabs Attention in .COM Sales

Domain Name Price Date  Venue
indianfactory.com 293 USD 2/12/2019 GoDaddy
indianhotcomics.com 105 USD 2/12/2019 GoDaddy
useindia.com 191 USD 2/11/2019 NameJet
astrology-india.com 125 USD 2/9/2019 GoDaddy
seosolutionsindia.com 227 USD 2/1/2019 GoDaddy
indiaauctions.com 125 USD 2/1/2019 GoDaddy
indiawedding.com 7,099 USD 1/31/2019 NameJet
indianmdb.com 135 USD 1/29/2019 GoDaddy
indiaabroad-digital.com 1,225 USD 1/26/2019 GoDaddy
indianisland.com 580 USD 1/26/2019 NameJet
projectindia.com 405 USD 1/26/2019 GoDaddy
bel-india.com 4,001 USD 1/23/2019 NameJet
mcvindia.com 209 USD 1/21/2019 NameJet
redindian.com 660 USD 1/16/2019 GoDaddy
indiaspace.com 154 USD 1/15/2019 DropCatch
indiabizz.com 101 USD 1/13/2019 GoDaddy
indiantube.com 844 USD 1/10/2019 DropCatch
indiaco.com 419 USD 1/10/2019 GoDaddy
eindia.com 999 USD 1/9/2019 NameJet
shopindiafilmfilm.com 103 USD 1/8/2019 GoDaddy
indiafunz.com 132 USD 1/6/2019 GoDaddy
papermillmachineryindia.com 130 USD 1/2/2019 GoDaddy
artoflegendindia.com 227 USD 1/1/2019 GoDaddy

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