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Lok Sabha Television (LSTV) is a Parliament Channel mandated to telecast live proceedings of the Lok Sabha – the House of the People of the Indian Parliament. The Channel also produces and telecasts a whole range of programmes of general interest on issues relating to democracy, governance, social, economic and constitutional issues and citizens concerns. Debates, discussions and documentaries, as well as programmes on culture and award-winning films in different Indian languages are important elements in the programmes of the channel.

LSTV, who invited experts in city for DomainX to sit down for a televised interview that aired live at 10PM last Sunday night. Those who took part in the telecast were , Sophie Pieck (Sedo), Dima Beitzke (Sedo), Pankaj Vijayvargiya (CEO, Bitlevel International), Paul Singh (, Anchor & Host Anurag Punetha, Aishwin Vikhona ( and Gaurav Kohli (President of DNOAi).

Please watch out the same below , show is having a mix of Hindi and English languages, subtitles are displayed when a speaker speaks in Hindi. Kindly note main intention is to spread awareness in India, maximum results can be achieved by doing a show in national language, Hindi.Happy watching, shows like this one certainly improve the awareness of domain name industry to the general public.Well done LSTV and thanks to Mr Anurag who has played a great role in hosting :). Special thanks to Pankaj Vijayvargiya who has worked hard to arrange this show and making it a reality and as well as for his active participation, well done Pankaj 🙂 .

Paul Singh is one of the .IN domain fans who love to promote .In extension across the world , we often call Paul as unofficial ambassador of .in extension and he did a great job as expected in the show.

All participants of the show are done an extra ordinary job , specially Mr Gaurav Kohli , president of DNOAi is looking like he is just born for TV, has delivered the message in a great way. thank you Sedo and Aishwin for all your time and support in spreading the awareness in Indian public.


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