Indian Domain Summit – In Progress

Indian Domain Summit Kolkata Edition Updates are In Progress

We are just aggregating the information from multiple sources and structuring the content easily accessible and consumable by a wider community, is born with the single objective of  promoting Indian Domain Name Industry.  If you have better content than we have posted, please send an email to [email protected] and we will promise to review and update the same content here.

09:00 AM IST – Check-In  – Welcome

Welcome to Indian Domain Summit 2018
09:00 AM IST – Stage Ready
Stage Ready-2

10:00 AM IST – Just Started – Welcome Speech – Deepak Daftari

Welcome Speech by Deepak Daftari

10:15 AM IST – Fireside Chat – Samiran Gupta & Deepak Daftari

Facebook Live

Samiran Gupta, Head of India – ICANN
Deepak Daftari and Samiran Gupta ( Left to Right)

10:45 AM – Success Stories from Kolkata – Abhishek Rungta, Srish Agrawal Moderator – Deepak Daftari

Engaging session by Deepak Daftari with Abhishek Rungta and Srish Aggarwal

11:30 AM IST – Success Stories from Kolkata – Nitin Aggarwal, Manish Lunja, Arvind Reddy &Moderator – Arun Bansal

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Moderator – Arun Bansal, Nitin Aggarwal (, Manish Lunja (, Arvind Reddy (

Photo Credit: Varun Kumar

 12:30 PM IST – Outbound Sales Story by Rohit Goyal and Aishwin Vikhona

Rohit Goyal and Aishwin Vikhona are in action


Outbound Journey – Research and Leads

1 PM IST to 2 PM IST – Lunch Break

2 PM IST – Domain Development, Domain as a Brand, Finding right EMD –   Chetan Varma, Om Thoke  Moderator – Arun Bansal

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Arun Bansal Engaging Session with Chetan Varma and Om Thoke  (Photo Credit: Varun Kumar)

02:40 PM IST –  Transition of a Domain Name to a Successful Business – – Varun Kumar Success Story – Varun Kumar  ( Photo Credit: Anupam Singh)
Developing a Domain Name into a Business – (Photo Credit: Anupam Singh)
Passionate Entrepreneur – Varun Kumar (Photo Credit: Anupam Singh)

03:00 PM IST – Success Story of a Female Domainer  – Neha Gupta 

Facebook Live Link: 

First Domain Investment – Neha Gupta (Deepak Daftari on Stage too)
How to Buy a Domain Name – Neha Gupta
Neha Welcoming the Entry of Woman Domainers into the Industry (Photo Credit: Nitin Aggarwal)

03:45 PM IST –  Fireside Chat – Sagar Daryanai and Deepak Daftari

Sagar Daryani and Deepak Daftari are in Action

04:15 PM  IST – After Market and Expired Domains – Deepak Daftari and Alpesh Shinde

How to use Afternic and GoDaddy Auction platform by Alpesh Shinde, Sr. Manager, GoDaddy and Deepak Daftari

How to use Afternic and GoDaddy Auction platform by Alpesh Shinde

04:35 PM IST – Domain Name Appraisals – Jay Paudyal, Deepak Daftari

Domain Appraisals are In Progress  – Jay and Deepak

05:15 PM IST – Closing Note & Vote of Thanks


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