India’s improved rankings on ease of doing business

India has improved ratings in “World Bank’s report on ease of doing business” from 142nd position in 2014 to 100th position in 2017, still there is lot of journey India has to travel to reach the top 50 target set by honorable prime minster of India. The other hand clearly India is taking massive reforms to make it easier to do the business in general, the same fact has been proven with the improved rankings in the world bank’s report too. This is indeed positive news worth noticing and debating further. On a optimistic note , it will encourage more businesses to be setup from India by multinationals and as well as local companies / citizens. This likely to trigger some new demand for domain names and could trigger some positive impact on the growth of .IN extension too. Whats your view point on this news? Please share your thoughts using the comment feature .

1) NDTV News

2) Economic Times


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