All INDRP Arbitrators are Dropped? Is RDNH Inclusion is the Next Move?

Looking like all INDRP arbitrators who have been serving for the last couple of years are not eligible to be an INDRP arbitrator as per new eligibility rules published on the Registry website.

As per the new rules all the Arbitrators who have served two years period get removed and then go into a 1-year cooling period so can re-apply but subject to age and meeting some other eligibility criteria.

For sure, I can’t under why Age is a constraint here?

Many fortune 500 companies are founded and led by youngsters and many talented judges are below 45 years of age in India.   India is a country of a young population any restrictions such as this limiting to very few individuals and also their age biasedness also put into verdicts.  Hope I have not misunderstood the rules documented in the PDF, feel free to comment below.

On the other hand, it will be interesting to see a new team of INDRP arbitrators.  Hope this new team of INDRP arbitrators offers the required balance between Cyber Squatting vs Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH).

RDNH is commonly used practice by large corporations and some powerful individuals to hijack domains from the registrants, having no protection to the domain name registrants on this front is not a fair dispute resolution policy.  Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) has already demonstrated the need for the same protection and has caught many thieves over years.

In my opinion, it is also the high time for the registry to introduce to the Reverse Domain Name Hijacking rule into the INDRP procedure.


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