Complainant –  HOMEAWAY.COM, INC

Respondent –  AJAY GUPTA

Disputed Domain – VRBO.CO.IN

Decision – Complaint has denied, VRBO.CO.IN to remain with the respondent.

Case Summary:


In the given dispute the complainant was incorporated as, Inc., and is owned by Expedia, Inc. Expedia is claimed to be one of the world’s largest travel companies. Expedia acquired the complainant and all of its brands, including VRBO in 2015.

In 1996, VRBO is one of the online vacation rental companies founded by husband and wife team. Later on, in 2006, VRBO was acquired by the complainant in 2006 and further acquired by Expedia, Inc in 2015. The complainant claims to be the sole proprietor and user of the trademark VRBO.

The complainant found that the disputed domain name was registered on 12th January 2011, i.e. years after Complainant established its rights in the trademark VRBO. the complainant filed a petition that the disputed domain name is clearly identical/ confusingly similar to the complainant’s trademark.


The respondent belongs name is AJAY GUPTA. The respondent failed to reply to the notice regarding the complaint.


Honourable Arbitrator V. SHRIVASTAV not satisfied with the evidence submitted by the complainant, because news reports internet downloads are not considered as valid evidence. Also the present owner of the company Expedia Inc, not submitted any authentic details about VRBO merge, hence dismissed the complaint leaving it at the parties to bear the cost.

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