INDRP Dispute Resolution Review – – Google Inc vs Ding Riguo

We all knew clearly about “Adwords”, It’s a quite an obvious trade mark and also has a secondary meaning across world, not much suspense we can expect about the result.

Clearly not sure why the registrant has made an attempt to own ( such a terrible mistake ), that puzzle is still unanswered as the respondent has not accepted the courier of the complaint pack.

Arbitrator Mr Nikilesh Ramachandran has concluded as mentioned below.

“Considering the facts and circumstances of the present matter and taking view of the law and the precedents in this context, I am of the view that the complainant has proprietary right over the mark “ADWORDS”. Therefore, I am deem in fit and proper to allow the prayer of the the complainant in its favour and direct the registry to transfer the said domain name i.e<> in favour of complainant”.

Full details of the dispute resolution can be accessed@ dispute resolution.


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