INRegistry has a Diamond Mine – 1330 Precious Short Domains in Reserve

“.IN” is the top level domain extension for India, a country with 1.25 billion population and the second most internet users in the world, making the potential consumer reach for these short names huge. “.IN” also continues to gain recognition and use as an alternative abbreviation for ‘INternational’ , ‘Internet’ , ‘INcorporated’ , ‘INC’ , “INvestment”, “INsurance” .etc or just English word “.IN” meaning its potential global reach is also very large.

.IN domain names length should be between 3 and 63 characters in length, its not possible to register the domain names of single character or 2 character length names.    The whole world is running behind shorter domain names specially linked to the mobile internet users growth and as well as specially Chinese interest towards the shorter names.  India’s demand for shorter domain names is no different to china  , as India is relatively more mobile friendly internet nation and also having the majority amazing and talented young population who likes  easy and convenient options, that certainly pushes the demand for shorter domains in India too. As of now the India’s internet penetration is only 34% , when the internet penetration reaches 50% one can clearly witness the demand for shorter domain names.

As show below table .IN registry has almost 1332 precious diamonds with them, its a huge treasure if its auctioned in right time can bring huge amount of money for .IN registry.  Many registries has auctioned shorter names to raise funds needed for their operations or to book profits, where as .IN registry is part of National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI),  a 100% Indian government organisation.

As its well known practice in India to auction the new mines / national treasure discovered or  the future technology assets, per example auction of 3G / 4G spectrums has fetched huge amount of money to government reserves.  What amount .IN short domain names auction if ever happens can fetch ?  Its an interesting subject for sure and also what time the auction should be conducted if ever happens to fetch more ? Interesting questions but I do not have answers for the same.  These below mentioned assets are Indian public treasure , hope government will auction them in right time to fetch xxx  million usd to exchequer.

Category: Total Possible: Example: 26 Like or or 676 Like or 260 Like or 260 Like or 10 Like or or 100 Like , or
Total 1332  

Some of the above mentioned 1332 names cant be auctioned , as names like, ..etc are already getting used as second level extensions, which gives around 1330 names which are available to auction.

Also Similar number of names can be auctioned too , although some of names are already allotted to few businesses prior to .IN liberalization days , per example is reserved by Unilever.

This is clearly a speculative post , so speculate more by commenting on this post.  🙂


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