sold for a record price of 25846 USD

The recent sale of at domain marketplace Sedo, has resulted in a Record for “most expensive .IN domain name of 2016”. has registered on 16-Feb-2005 and it’s a wait time of 11 years before its getting sold to a right buyer. was sold for 25846 USD on 13th May 2016. New owner of the name is yet to be known, perhaps same company “” that bought ITJobs in .de, .eu and .nl could be the buyer.

Although its publicly reported most expensive .IN in 2016, having said that we should note that there’s always a greater chances a higher price for another domain name was paid higher at some time in 2016, in a private transaction.

To put this into some future sales prices influence context:

 Off-course one single name sale will not increase the floor prices of good names however has clearly set the precedence and also shown the real potential a good name can hold.   Patience is the key to be a winner 🙂


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