January 2017: Indian Startups – Domain Names Usage Analysis

As per InternetLiveStats.com India has around 462+ million internet users and its only 34.8% of the 1.32+ billion Indian population. Clearly there is a lot of growth potential to increase the penetration rate as time passes by. The other hand Indian tech startup ecosystem is hugely boosted by the governments flagship initiatives like “Make in India” and “Startup India” and India clearly emerged as the country having world’s 3rd highest number of tech startups after United States and Britain.

Trak.in is closely tracking the Indian startups funding data on monthly basis, our.in has considered the same data to generate the domain name extension analysis to find-out the current trends of domain name usage by startups. Clearly .COM is a leader as expected , .IN closely following .COM in terms of numbers.

Kindly note, only startups raised seed funding in the month of January 2017 are considered for this domain name usage analysis. Please find out the further details below.

S.No: Startup Name: Industry/ Vertical: City / Location: Amount (in USD): Domain Name: Extension:
1 TaxSutra Consumer Internet Pune 366,000 taxsutra.com .COM
2 TempoGo Technology Panaji 825,000 tempogo.com .COM
3 GoFynd ecommerce Mumbai N/A gofynd.com .COM
4 Vow Car Clinic Consumer Internet Gurgaon N/A vowcarclinic.com .COM
5 LearnTron Technology Chennai N/A learntron.net .NET
6 MobiDent Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A mobident.in .IN
7 Yostra Technology Bangalore N/A yostra.com .COM
8 Leap India Logistics Mumbai 13,000,000 leap-india.com .COM
9 FreeCharge Consumer Internet Mumbai 57,000,000 freecharge.com .COM
10 TicketNew Consumer Internet Chennai 35,000,000 ticketnew.com .COM
11 Intelligence Node Technology Mumbai 800,000 intelligencenode.com .COM
12 Securens Technology Mumbai 5,000,000 securens.in .IN
13 Loan Frame Consumer Internet Gurgaon 2,250,000 loanframe.com .COM
14 DriveSkool Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A drivekool.com .COM
15 Medinfi Consumer Internet Bangalore 100,000 medinfi.com .COM
16 LensKart eCommerce Bangalore 3,500,000 lenskart.com .COM
17 InstaOffice Consumer Internet Gurgaon N/A instaoffice.in .IN
18 Hansel.io Consumer Internet Bangalore 1,350,000 hansel.io .IO
19 Square Yards Consumer Internet Gurgaon 10,000,000 squareyards.com .COM
20 Roambee Technology Mumbai 4,100,000 roambee.com .COM
21 PaisaWapas Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A paisawapas.com .COM
22 iService Consumer Internet Bangalore 440,000 iservice.co.in .CO.IN
23 Unacademy Consumer Internet Bangalore 4,500,000 unacademy.com .COM
24 SecururAX Technology Bangalore N/A securax.in .IN
25 Leadburg Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A leadburg.com .com
26 ZoloStays Consumer Internet Bangalore 5,000,000 zolostays.com .COM
27 Oi Media Technology New Delhi N/A oimedia.in .IN
28 HipCouch Consumer Internet Mumbai 700,000 hipcouch.com .COM
29 Curiositi Consumer Internet Bangalore 800,000 curiositi.in .IN
30 TinyStep Consumer Internet Bangalore 2,000,000 tinystep.in .IN
31 Practo Consumer Internet Bangalore 55,000,000 practo.com .COM
32 Ketchupp Consumer Internet New Delhi 441,000 ketchupp.in .IN
33 Hoopy Consumer Internet Gwalior 500,000 hoopy.in .IN
34 Ezytruk Consumer Internet Bangalore 147,000 ezytruk.com .COM
35 Kratikal Technology New Delhi N/A kratikal.in .IN
36 Direct Create eCommerce Gurgaon N/A directcreate.com .COM
37 Vahdam Teas eCommerce New Delhi 650,000 vahdamteas.com .COM
38 Qwikspec Technology Bangalore 300,000 qwikspec.com .COM
39 PParke Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A pparke.in .IN
40 Weddingz.in Consumer Internet Mumbai 1,000,000 weddingz.in .IN
41 Native Special eCommerce Karur N/A nativespecial.com .COM
42 Fitnapp Consumer Internet Noida N/A fitnapp.in .IN
43 Ethosh Technology Pune N/A ethosh.com .COM
44 Wydr eCommerce Gurgaon N/A wydr.in .IN
45 Tyre Express Technology Mumbai N/A tyreexpress.co.in .CO.IN
46 Connaizen Technology New Delhi N/A connaizen.com .COM
48 SmartHi Technology Pune N/A smarterhi.com .COM
49 CRON Systems Technology New Delhi N/A cronsystems.com .COM
50 CueMath Technology New Delhi 15,000,000 cuemath.com .COM
51 ChipperSage Technology Bangalore N/A thechippersage.com .COM
52 SelectJobs Consumer Internet Mumbai N/A selectjobs.com .COM
53 Khel Now Consumer Internet Bangalore 500,000 khelnow.com .COM
54 NowFloats Consumer Internet Hyderabad 10,000,000 nowfloats.com .COM
55 Lets Transport Consumer Internet Bangalore 4,000,000 letstransport.in .IN
56 BetaOut Technology Noida N/A betaout.com .COM
57 Wishberry Consumer Internet Mumbai N/A wishberry.in .IN
58 RML Agtech Technology Pune 4,000,000 rmlglobal.com .COM
59 LoyaltyPrime Technology New Delhi N/A loyaltyprime.com .COM
60 InstaSafe Technology Bangalore 2,200,000 instasafe.com .COM
62 99Games Technology Udupi N/A 99games.in .IN
63 AirMed Labs Consumer Internet Ahmedabad 1,400,000 airmedlabs.com .COM
64 99PerHour Consumer Internet Chennai 300,000 99perhour.com .COM
65 Kochi Post Consumer Internet Kochi N/A kochipost.com .COM
66 Intuit Things Technology Mumbai 106,000 intuitthings.com .COM
67 Cloudrino Technology New Delhi 22,500 cloudrino.net .NET
68 FabX eCommerce Mumbai 68,000 fabx.in .IN
69 Maptags Consumer Internet Bangalore 18,000 mapta.gs .GS
70 YOLO Health Consumer Internet Mumbai N/A yolohealth.in .IN
71 Heads Up For Tails eCommerce New Delhi 2,000,000 headsupfortails.com .COM
72 Register My Marriage Consumer Internet New Delhi N/A registermymarriage.com .COM

Number of Tech Startups by Extension:

Tech Startups by Domain Extension Percentage:


On a different note, Indian startups are certainly choosing poor quality domain names thats quite evident looking into the domain names in use, which is likely to improve as the competition grow up and it will be too difficult to survive or stand-out with a poor domain name usage.


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