January 2017 – LLL.in Droplist – Expiring LLL.in domain Names

Just 5 LLL.in domain names are expiring in the month of January 2017, it is easy to notice the number of lll.in domain names expiring every month is going down. At this rate of 5 names per month overall 60 names are likely to enter into the pending delete restorable or pending schedule for release status in the year of 2017. Also out of these 60 names some of the names are likely to be restored before they are actually going to be dropped, very likely 30 to 40 LLL.in names are likely to be dropped in the year 2017. It is clearly showing the LLL.in names are solid assets.

Domain Name Registered Year Search Volume CPC (USD) Drop Date    
bey.in 2015 60.5 K 0.41 04-01-17
pxa.in 2007 1.9 K 0.30 12-01-17
nvi.in 2006 40.5 K 0.09 20-01-17
ztm.in 2013 550.0 K 0.46 26-01-17
zmz.in 2013 5.4 K 0.01 30-01-17

Number of LLL.in (3L.in) domain names expiring trend chart:


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