June-.IN Domain Name Sales overview

In the month of June, Nine .IN domain sales took place in the Undeveloped and Sedo marketplace and one sale was a private deal.

Most of the sales were at the Sedo marketplace than the Undeveloped. The best sale of the month is Finder.in, which sold out for 15,000 USD on 18-06-2019 at Sedo marketplace.

We have reached half of the year, till now Finder.in is the best sale for this year. We have more domain names sales in the coming days.

domain sales

June-.IN Domain Name Sales overview

After the Finder.in the next best sale is the Code.in sold for 3,500 USD on 17-06-2019 at Sedo marketplace.

The Ifl.co.in sold for 2,999 USD on 19-06-2019 at Sedo.

The Bigshift.in sold for 2,535 USD on 18-06-2019 on a Private Deal

The Rpsg.in sold for 2,300 USD on 03-06-2019 Sedo

The Sbu.in sold for 940 USD on 13-06-2019 at Undeveloped

The Ladakhtours.in sold for 316 USD on 28-06-2019 at Undeveloped

The Eae.co.in sold for 250 USD on 03-06-2019 at Undeveloped

The Cheaptrip.in sold for 250 USD on 03-06-2019 at Sedo

Domain Names Sales

Domain Name Price Date Venue
Finder.in 15,000 USD 18-06-2019 Sedo
Code.in 3,500 USD 17-06-2019 Sedo
Ifl.co.in 2,999 USD 19-06-2019 Sedo
Bigshift.in  2,535 USD 18-06-2019  Private Deal
Rpsg.in 2,300 USD 3-06-2019 Sedo
 Sbu.in  940 USD 13-06-2019 Undeveloped
 Ladakhtours.in 316 USD 28-06-2019 Undeveloped
Eae.co.in 250 USD  03-06-2019 Undeveloped
 Cheaptrip.in 250 USD  03-06-2019 Sedo

Please report the sales to us:

We welcome all verifiable sales reports. Just drop a note to support[at]our.in. We truly appreciate all of your efforts. Kindly note it is important for the sale reports to be published to increase the public awareness of.IN domain extension values.

.IN Domain Names Consulting Service:

a) If you are a business and looking to acquire.IN domain names for your business use, feel free to contact us for getting the free advisory service from Our.in experts. We are here to help you. Feel free to write to us Support[at]Our.in

b) Are you unsure what could be the best domain name for your business? We are here to help you.

We will respond back you within 72 hours of we receiving your request.

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